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“Enki the boy youngster held in his palms, the picture of perfection was he. He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered right Appears. He handed the newborn to Ninmah. ‘My hands have manufactured it!

The Anunnaki, other extraterrestrials and afterwards the ancestors of humanity on every continent crafted megalithic–big rock–sites on the planet’s ley lines–oscillating telepathic Net fields in which all who worship fuse their consciousness into just one group intellect and can talk to men and women and their knowledge at other megalithic web sites.

Anunnaki cycled home. First they rocketed to Mars. From Mars very long-length spaceships raced to intercept and land on Nibiruas it moved as a result of away from its perigee. “Benefitting from Mars’ reduced gravity compared to Earth’s, the Anunnaki found it a lot easier to transport themselves and their cargos in shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars, and there transfer to reach Nibiru. Mars experienced water, walled constructions, roadways, a hublike compound” and the statue of Alalu’s encounter. [

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, just one in their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Michael says that when there have been indications the ETs ended up on the Anunnaki, he discovered it strange, but However, he didn’t determine what or who they had been.

Lots of Sumerians who survived the fallout fled Marduk. builders warehouse tiles “Refugees were given asylum all across the Mesopotamia. They transformed their host countries into flourishing states. Some ventured into much more distant lands, accompanying the displaced gods.

Following the Anunnaki ruined their japanese Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms, Many of them returned to Nibiru.

Baalbek integrated “stone blocks of incredible dimensions, precisely Slice and placed, together with 3 colossal stone blocks which have been the most important inside the world, the Trilthon. The stone reference blocks which make up the Trilithon weigh over 1,a hundred tons Every single and are put upon more mature huge stone blocks, above sixty toes extended with sides of fourteen to twelve ft, Slice to possess a slanting encounter that weigh 500 tons each.

Once the miners Slash gold to Badtibira, Enlil sent Ninurta to investigate. Miners “had been backbiting and lamenting, from the excavations they have been grumbling.

Within the summit “megalithic constructions begin with a retaining wall crafted of fashioned polygonal stones.

In 167 BCE the Jews rose up at the rear of Mattathias and his 5 sons to battle and get their freedom from Seleucid authority. Mattathias’ son Judas Maccabeus re-focused the temple in a hundred sixty five BCE and the Jews rejoice this party to at the present time as A serious Section of the Pageant of Hanukkah.

Enki woke and pondered his aspiration. He stepped out of bed and kicked an actual Actual physical computer file–a person he had not put there– beside his bed. The file showed how to construct a submersible craft by which Extra resources Ziusudra and his followers could trip out the deluge.

Our ancestors also recorded the history, scientific words and phrases and principles the gods taught them. What gods named “MEs” we phone Pc packages. Our cultures included descriptions, metaphors, similes and analogies to the phrases the gods gave us.

Undertakers introduced his body to the royal cemetery of Ur. They drugged his friends and attendants in his burial chamber, then killed them.

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